Our response to COVID and the desire for in-person lessons:

Saint Louis Ballet School is dedicated to keeping students dancing whether that be at home zooming or safely in-person.  Because of restrictions and limits to the number of people allowed in the building we've come up with a fun way to rotate students weekly by "house" to be in-person if they desire. Students zoom into classes when it is not their house's turn to be in-person.  Any student who needs to zoom 100% of the time will be permitted.

The Houses
As of February 21
the school has reverted to a 2-house system
for classes of a certain size (Red and Blue)**

Prior to Feb 21: Every student is assigned to one of 4 Houses. Families with multiple dancers in a household are each assigned to the same house. The in-person houses are named Swan Lake House, Coppelia House, and Sleeping Beauty House.  For families choosing 100% Zoom, they are assigned to the Serenade Virtual House and need to inform the studio of their decision when registering.

Every day a different “house” comes to the studio for in-person classes (the other houses would zoom in). By rotating “houses," it allows us to control how many students are in the building and in the individual classrooms. Instructors teach the in-person “house” as well as the “houses” zooming in at the same time. Teachers are equipped in the studio rooms with an iPad and 32” TV screen to better view zooming students while also teaching in-person students. In-person students can interact and dance with the zooming “houses”.

This house system does not apply to PreBallet, Mommy and Me Classes, and Levels 1 and 2 which will offer weekly in-person lessons to those who want it.  These classes are limited in size so registration is based on available spots open.  If you want to take these level classes virtually you certainly may register to do so but please inquire upon registration so we can accommodate you with a zoom link and inform the instructor.

The following shows a per class schedule.  Classes in yellow are in person, aqua classes are all zoom, purple classes follow the in-person rotating house plan and orange classes follow the in-person rotation house plan as well but the teacher will be virtually in the room not physically in the room.

Click the image below to view the pdf of the schedule:




As of February 21:

Classes marked as house rotation classes in the above schedule (colored in orange and purple) are now in a 2-house schedule.
Click the House Assignment button below to view student's House Assignment.
Use the red/blue calendar below to determine which days your new house is in person.



As of February 21

The only class that follows this 3-House system is

Contemporary 7/8 due to the very large size of this class.




  • Students will be temp checked using a monitored self-scan thermometer mounted to the wall in the entry corridor.

  • The lobby and hallways will be closed to any persons not taking a class and no congregating allowed.

  • Hand Sanitizer use will be required before and after class and provided if a student has not brought their own.

  • Students cannot congregate or gather in the hallways or lobby and should go directly to their classroom

  • and enter when the teacher says it’s clear to enter.

  • During classes, teachers will require students to social distance by using the marks on the floors.

  • All classes will end 5-10 minutes early to allow time for disinfecting before the next class.

  • Masks will be required to all entering the building.  Exclusions are PreBallet, Ballet 1 Level students.

  • Students will need to come dressed ready for class (no dressing in the bathrooms).

  • Bathrooms will be for emergency use only.

  • Students will be allowed to bring one small bag with only essential items including a water bottle and a small bottle of hand sanitizer.



What should I expect when I arrive at the studio?

  • Before coming to the studio be sure you can answer “No” to the below questions:

    • Have you experienced any of the following in the last 10 days:

    • Shortness of breath, fever, nausea, vomiting, coughing, sore throat, loss of taste

    • Have you been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 10 days?

    •  Are you living with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last 10 days?

    •  Have you traveled in the last 10 days?

  • Parents should drop off their children at the front door (if 7 years and under,1 parent wearing a mask can escort them inside for temp check).  Office staff will make sure students know where to go. 

  • We’ve installed an automatic hands-free thermometer in the entryway so students’ can self check their temperatures as quickly as possible. NOTE, the thermometer will alert if their temperature is too high.  If alarm sounds we will double check with handheld and if fever present the student will not be allowed to return until fever free with no medication for 72 hours.


What should my student expect once inside the studio?

  • Students should come dressed for class and go to the bathroom before they arrive. Once they’ve temp checked and stopped by the front desk for direction. If they’re a little early, they should wait outside their studio while keeping 6ft of space between themselves and their classmates. 


Is my student required to wear a mask?

  • Yes, masks are required for all students from Level 2 and up, keeping our teachers and staff safe as well as them keeping students safe.  PreBallet and Ballet 1 Level students will not be required to wear masks. If a child is able and the parent wants their child to they are welcome to wear a face mask in these younger classes. 

  • Mask coverings are required for indoor activities by St. Louis County Pubic Health

  • If you have documentation that establishes that a medical professional has told you not to wear a Face Covering, you do not have to wear one.


What should students bring or not bring to the studio?

  • Please make sure your student only brings the bare essentials in a small bag with them. We will not be able to allow the normal large dance bags. Students should already be dressed for class when they arrive, so they should only need to carry their shoes, a full water bottle, and their own hand sanitizer.


My student has multiple classes on the same day, but they’ll have a break in between… can they remain in the studio during that break?

  • We would prefer students to take their break outside of the studio with a parent if possible, however, they can remain in the studio if necessary. While here they must be aware of social distancing and keep their mask on.  


What if I miss my in-person weekly class?

  • Your make-up class will have to be zoomed in. Simply schedule your makeup through the Parent Portal to receive your link.

When will my mask order be ready?

  • All mask orders should be ready to pick up the first week of classes (starting Aug 18)


How do I find the Zoom link(s) to my student’s class?

  • Login to your Parent Portal and the Dashboard will automatically display your schedule with the links to each class in your schedule.  You can also click “Classes and Events” to get to your full schedule. The link will also display text showing the Meeting ID and Password if a student needs to log in that way. **Links will no longer be emailed out every day as they were in the past! 


Are parents still allowed to watch in-person classes?

  • In the interest of maintaining social distancing, we aren’t able to allow parents to watch their students’ classes from inside the studio. Only students will be permitted in the building for the time being. However, parents can use the zoom links in their parent portals to zoom in and watch their child (teachers and other students zooming will need to “turn off” non-participating videos.  If your student’s class is in the front studio (Studio 2), you are welcome to watch from the sidewalk :) 


My student is an assistant… how will they assist their class?

  • Assistants should assist in-studio as they normally would when their own house is scheduled to be here. They should join via Zoom on all other days to help the teacher keep an eye on their virtual students. If they notice a student needs the teacher’s help, they should unmute themselves and let the teacher know. Though it is very different from what we’re used to, it will still be a huge help to our teachers!


Which classes are always in-person?

  • All PreBallet Classes, Mommy and Me and Tap Classes.


What if my ballet class is zooming that week and my tap class that follows is in-person? 

  • If you happen to be zooming ballet class that day, you may have to zoom in for tap that same day.  If your ballet class is in-person you will get to stay in-person for tap.

What if my class is labeled as “in-person” and I don’t want to be in-person?

  • Every class will have the option to zoom in since each studio is equipped and teachers will zoom launch every class at the studio.  You never HAVE to be in-person if you don’t want to.


Will I take classes weekly even if my house is only in-person once a month?

  • Yes, every class will happen weekly at its normal scheduled time.  The house schedule is there to simply let you know which of those weeks you get to come in-person to take.


Where can I find the House Schedule?

  • The house schedule and all info about the plan is located online at stlouisballet.org/houses

  • House Assignments can also be found at the above link


How long will the “House Plan” be used where in-person classes are rotated weekly?

  • We have planned it for now through December but the situation will be reevaluated monthly. 

What if I am assigned to a “House” and certain weeks I don’t feel comfortable coming in for my in-person class?

  • Every student is allowed to zoom when they need to even if their house is scheduled to be in-person that week.

Will I need to wear my dress code when zooming into class from home?

  • Yes, all registered students need to "attend" every class with the intention of success.  Being in dress-code and prepared with a space to dance at home will help your child be successful in their training.

Where can I get a marley/dance floor?

Where can I buy a dance barre