Pre-Professional Development Programs
Experience professional company life and continue with your current studio!

Daytime Program:
Build your technique


Trainee Program

Build performance experience

Program 1:

Daytime Program Pre-Professional Training


From Studio to Stage


Created for the dance community at large, this new program welcomes the motivated dancer that is considering pursuing dance as a career or college major. Perfect for homeschool students, afternoon classes can boost your current training, and you can stay with your current studio. This is separate from our Trainee Company, but optional performing opportunities with our professional company could arise.

  • Class Schedule: Tuesday & Friday (Thursday could be added, enrollment pending)

            1:30 – 3:00 –    Class

            3:00 – 4:15 –    Rehearsals, Pointe/Variation, or Company observation

            4:15 – 5:30 -     Friday only, rehearsals

  • Eligibility Requirements:

    • High school sophomore to age 21

    • Ladies are en pointe

    • SLBS Level 7 or higher

    • Audition via a scheduled placement class


"Students don’t have to abandon your school to begin experiencing professional life!"

Daytime Pre-Professional Training

Facts & Questions


  • Who is eligible? SLBS students level 7 & up, already strong en pointe, at least entering the 10th grade for the 2019-2020 school year, and no older than 21 by September 3rd, 2019.


  • What is the schedule? Classes will start on Tuesdays and Fridays, with a possibility of adding Thursdays depending on enrollment. Ballet class goes from 1:30-3:00, with a second class in pointe, variations, rehearsals, or company observation until 4:15. Friday could include rehearsals until 5:30, for those who choose to perform and are cast accordingly.



  • Can I dance at my old studio, too? Absolutely. Pre-Professional Training is created for the most dedicated and driven students of the greater St. Louis community, and is intended to augment your training, be it with SLBS or another school.


  • Are there performances opportunities? You have the option to be considered for performance opportunities with SLB, our professional company. Alongside our Trainees, SLB might invite additional students, depending on casting needs. In addition to the other company productions, opportunities are available for The Nutcracker, and SLBS’s annual June recital.


  • Are we required to commit to performances? No. You may simply want more classes to enhance your technical strength, and we welcome that. It is also possible to choose some opportunities, rather than all. However, if you do opt to be in a production, we expect you to make rehearsals the top priority in your schedule.


  • I need volunteer hours for college applications, but I want to spend my time dancing. What are my options? If you perform in our productions of The Nutcracker and Swan Lake, you will be providing a service to the community, as we invite schools and our “Pointe to Succeed” affiliates to attend these ballets. If you are looking for more opportunities, inform the staff, and we might find even more volunteering options for you in the community.


  • What are the costs? We are striving to keep costs of our PPT at a minimum for your benefit, hopefully at $100 or less per month. This is a separate fee, specifically for the Daytime Program. Standard tuition applies to the SLBS evening and weekend classes.


  • When do classes begin? Daytime Pre-Professional Training classes begin immediately after Labor Day, and continue when the company operates – September 3rd through May. SLBS classes, on the other hand, begin on Monday, August 5th.


  • How do I apply? If you are not a current SBS student, contact the office at 636-537-1998 to set up an audition. If you are an SLBS student, contact the office to express your interest and confirm eligibility.

To schedule an audition:
Contact SLB at

or call 636-537-1998

or complete the online registration at the bottom of this page.

Program 2:



Perform with the professional dancers of Saint Louis Ballet on the stage of the Touhill. Optional community outreach projects can build experience and provide volunteer service hours for college applications.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Age Limits: between 16 and 21 as of September 1, 2019, with at least four years of pointe work.

  • Audition via a scheduled placement class

  • If accepted, you must attend at least three weekly ballet and pointe classes at Saint Louis Ballet School (standard tuition rates and production fees apply, details at

  • Participation at other studios is permissible if you prioritize SLB classes, rehearsals and performances.

  • Rehearsals will be on Fridays or Saturdays with extra rehearsals as needed on weekdays after school.

  • Theater rehearsals may be more extensive during the week of a performance.


To schedule an audition:
Contact SLB at

or call 636-537-1998

or complete the online registration at the bottom of this page.


Perform in Large Scale Professional Productions!

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