Family rivalry.
Youthful passion.
The world's greatest love story told through dance.

Friday, November 2, at 8 pm

Saturday, November 3, at 2 & 8 pm

Sunday, November 4, at 2 pm

Tickets on sale August 13th at 10am on or 314-516-4949



Nov 3 @ 8pm and Nov 4 @ 2pm
Juliet: Tiffany Mori;
Romeo: Mark David Bloodgood
Mercutio: Michael McGonegal;
Benvolio: Elliott Geolat
Tybalt: Milan Valko


Nov 2 @ 8pm and Nov 3 @ 2pm
Juliet: Rebecca Cornett;
Romeo: Matthew Rusk
Mercutio: Michael McGonegal;

Benvolio: Elliott Geolat
Tybalt: Milan Valko

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The Story

A ballet in three acts based on William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet”
Music by Sergei Prokofiev
Choreography by Gen Horiuchi


Running Time: 2 1/2 hours including two intermissions


Children are having fun playing together when suddenly their parents, whose familes have quarreled for generations, come to put an end to the children’s innocent play.  The children are confused why they are not allowed to play together.

Act I

As the day begins in the market of the city of Verona, Romeo, son of Montague, is daydreaming of his love for Rosaline. When Rosaline and her friends enter the market, Romeo tries unsuccessfully to declare his feelings. His friend Mercutio and cousin Benvolio console him as the Montague family enters. When the Capulets arrive, the multi-generational feud resumes and a fight develops between Benvolio and Tybalt, a nephew of Capulet. The conflict reaches a climax as Lord Montague and Lord Capulet join the fray. A sudden arrival of the Prince of Verona interrupts the quarrel and, after arresting members of both families, he demands peace. Meanwhile, inside the Capulet home, Juliet plays with her doll and nurse. Her parents, Lord and Lady Capulet, interrupt the frivolity to introduce her to Paris, a young man whom they have chosen to be her husband.

Later that evening outside the Capulet house, guests arrive for a masked ball. Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio learn of the event and, thinking it a good opportunity for Romeo to pursue Rosaline, they decide to don masks and sneak into the ball. As the ball proceeds, Paris relentlessly seeks Juliet’s attention and Romeo, rejected by Rosaline once more, also turns his attention to Juliet. Juliet rejects Paris’ advancements and becomes entranced by Romeo. The two share a dance and fall in love. While they dance, Tybalt recognizes Romeo and orders him to leave, then rushes out in angry pursuit.

Unable to sleep after the ball, Juliet wistfully thinks of Romeo while gazing off into the distance on her balcony. Romeo suddenly appears in the garden and, they dance declaring their eternal love for each other.

Act II

The next day in the market, Mercutio and Benvolio dance as Romeo daydreams of Juliet. Suddenly, Juliet’s nurse arrives with a letter for Romeo, and he reads that Juliet has arranged for Friar Lawrence to secretly marry them later that same day. Romeo rushes to the chapel and is greeted by Friar Lawrence, who marries the two lovers.

Meanwhile, in the market, the feud between the families resumes, and Tybalt arrives looking for Romeo. Romeo refuses to engage in a duel; however, Mercutio takes up the challenge and is killed. Upon seeing his friend slain, Romeo takes revenge and kills Tybalt. At that moment, The Prince of Verona arrives and orders Romeo exiled as punishment for the murder. As the families leave the marketplace mourning, Juliet is distraught at the loss of Tybalt and thought of losing Romeo.


The next morning at the Capulet home, Rosaline and her friends
console Juliet. Juliet’s parents arrive to prepare Juliet for her marriage to Paris but, to her parents’ dismay, Juliet refuses to marry him. As they leave, Romeo secretly enters the room to see Juliet one last time before he is forced to leave.

Saddened by his exile, Juliet runs to Friar Lawrence and begs him for his help. He presents her with a solution: she will drink a vial of
sleeping potion that will make her fall into a death-like sleep. Thinking her dead, her parents will place her in the family crypt. Meanwhile,
Romeo to be warned by Friar Lawrence, will return under cover of darkness to take her away from Verona. Juliet, foreseeing her future with Romeo, accepts the plan. That evening, Juliet agrees to marry Paris but, when left alone, she drinks the potion. Juliet’s nurse and friends arrive to help her prepare for the wedding, but when they try to wake her, she appears to be dead.  Juliet’s wedding turns into her funeral.

Failing to receive Friar Lawrence’s message, Romeo returns to Verona distraught by the news of Juliet’s death. He enters the Capulet
family crypt where Juliet has been laid to rest and finds Paris next to Juliet’s body.  Romeo engages Paris in a fight and kills him. Overcome with grief at the death of Juliet, Romeo then poisons himself. Juliet wakes and, upon finding Romeo dead, stabs herself. Soon after, the two families find Romeo and Juliet lying lifeless and, through their grief, finally find peace.


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