Hometown: Macon, Georgia
Joined the company: 2019

Before being hired trained at: began her ballet training at Dance Arts Studio in Macon, Georgia her hometown. Subsequently she trained at Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education. She has been an apprentice at Charlotte Ballet since 2017.

Ballets/featured roles since joining:

Gen Horiuchi: More Morra, Jazz a la Francaise, Nutcracker (Snow Queen), Contemporain, Le Sentiment, TOYA/GEN Vol. 1 Appassionata, Cinderella (Orientalia)

George Balanchine: Concerto Barocco, Valse Fantasia
Tom Gold: Oasis

Brian Enos: Alice in Wonderland (Friend and Card), In Reel Time

Emery LeCrone: Agile Episodes

Christopher Wheeldon: The American
Miriam Mahdaviani: Correlazione