Mark David Bloodgood

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Joined the company: 2016

Before being hired trained at: Pacific Northwest Ballet School; Began his professional career with Huntsville Ballet Company and continued on as a company member with Columbia City Ballet followed by Milwaukee Ballet II and BalletMet 2

Ballets/featured roles since joining:

Gen Horiuchi: Cinderella (Prince, Orientalia), Coppélia (Franz’s Friend), Giselle (Hilarion), Personnage, The Nutcracker (Sugarplum Cavalier, Snow King, Soldier Doll, The Nutcracker, Spanish,
Chinese, Candy Cane), Romeo & Juliet (Romeo), The Sleeping Beauty (Bluebird, Jewels), Haydn Cello
Concerto, Head Over Hells, Jazz a la Francaise, La Vie, Passage
, More Morra
Gerald Arpino: Reflections
George Balanchine: Rubies, Serenade, Who Cares?
Brian Enos: Alice in Wonderland (King of Hearts)

Tom Gold: Faure Fantasy, Oasis
Peter Martins: Ash (Principal), Hallelujah Junction (Principal)

Kevin Jenkins: Moonlight and Sonatas

Emery LeCrone: Agile Episodes
Miriam Mahdaviani: Between the Lines, Mispacha, Correlazione
Monique Meunier: Baile Latino!
Francis Patrelle: Love's Ennui

Twyla Tharp: Nine Sinatra Songs

Christopher Wheeldon: The American