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Beginning Thursday, March 12, SLBS implemented the below new protocols regarding masks in the studio:

  1. Masking in the studios will be strongly recommended, but not required for students.

  2. Faculty and staff will still be required to wear masks until further notice.

  3. Regular disinfecting of barres and common areas will continue.

  4. Any parent dropping or picking up young students must still wear a mask upon entering.

  5. The Lobby will remain closed.

  6. We strongly encourage students to wear masks in common areas of the building including the hallways, lobby and bathrooms.Masks may then be removed when entering the classroom space if the student chooses.This will not be policed; however, we do appreciate the effort by students when in those common areas.

  7. Please make sure your child knows your preference of mask wearing.

  8. Students will need to come to the studio symptom free. If a student tests positive that student will still need to inform the office and follow current standard quarantine as per usual. Current quarantine information the studio is following can be found on the CDC's website at

  9. Finally, respect each other and each other’s decisions.

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