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Lyn Ragsdale

March 31, 1954–December 13, 2020


Lyn Ragsdale was a dedicated scholar, educator, and author.  At the time of her death, she was a professor at Rice University, and formerly was the first woman Dean of Social Sciences at Rice.  She was a great fan of the arts and particularly of ballet.  Lyn expressed her love and enthusiasm for the art form by supporting Saint Louis Ballet, where her son Matthew Rusk has performed since 2016.  


Through the generosity of Ms. Ragsdale’s family, colleagues and friends, Saint Louis Ballet has established The Lyn Ragsdale Fund for New Dancers in celebration of her memory and in support of artists. This fund will provide a stipend to new Saint Louis Ballet dancers to assist with the costs of relocating from other cities and establishing their lives in St. Louis. 


If you would like to join in supporting young dancers who are new to our city and to Saint Louis Ballet, please click here


January 1, 2021 to September 20, 2022

In memory of Lyn Ragsdale

            Kathryn Cervenka

            Jeffrey Compton

            Jerald Kevin Corder

            Jeanne Doornbos and Michael Maher

            Songying Fang

            Eugenia Georges

            Marilyn Getzov

            Brian Hammer

            Allegra Hernandez

            Cathie and Scott Hernandez

            Vivian Ho and Richard Boylan

            Diane Kaiser

            Rachel Kimbro

            Kathleen Matthews

            Susan McIntosh

            Marie Lynn Miranda

            Tracy Ragsdale

            Kris Ramesh

            Brandon Rottinghaus

            Jerrold Rusk

            Courtney Stefancyk

            Richard Stoll

            Kathy Svensson Sykes

            Renee Templeraud

            Mark Toubin and Elizabeth Cohen

            Nathalie Williams

            Stephen Vetzner

            George Zodrow

In memory of Jack Bortle for his love and support

            Noel Joy Bortle

In memory of Ludmila Dokoudovsky

            Melissa Gerstein

In memory of Charles Wade Gilbert

            Alice Gilbert

In memory of David Herman

            Laura Moore, My Verdant Green

In memory of Nathalie LeVine

            Rekha Dravina

            Dafna Hopkins

            Judith and Milton Krieger

            Philana Liang and Family

            Marcia Lisker 

            Barbara Peat

            Sonya Pettijohn

            Valerie Ratts

            Elizabeth Stinson

            Betty Soli

            St. Louis Academy of Dance

            Beth Uding

            Kimberly and Patrick Uding

            Kacy Voskuil

In memory of Jean MacNeish Rand

            Richard Rand

In memory of Mary M. Marschner

            Jemima P. Phillips

In memory of Alex Weisebach

            Karen Allgeier

In honor of Julie Abernathie

            Tony Abernathy

In honor of Debra Armistead

            Courtney Armistead

In honor of Margarita Botta

            Charles Tuschling

In honor of Mark David Bloodgood

            Robert Baker

            Marilyn and Michael Bloodgood

            Catherine Cheng

            Dawn Crouch

            Sarah and David Glasser

            Kathy Melton

            Valerie Miller

            Mayim Stiller

            Scott Turner

In honor of Lauren Christensen

            Courtney Christensen


In honor of Rebecca Cornett

            Lori Cornett

            Lindsey Hinderer

            Ruth and Jerold Howsden

            Valerie Miller

            Morgynn Venters

In Memory of Beloved Brandon Creasey

            Rebecca Beam

In Honor of Angelica Cunningham

             AdPushup Inc, Harleen Kaur

In honor of Emily Fugett and Colin Ellis

             Richard Fugett

In honor of Colin Ellis

            Marc Ellis

In honor of Ana Victoria Garcia

            Ivette Geusz

In honor of Leigh Ellen Griffiths

Moraith MacRae

In honor of Rachel Harrison

            Susanne Harrison

In honor of Amy Herchenroether and Family

            Jane Corbelli

            Susan and Peter Herchenroether

In honor of Scarlett Horiuchi

            Joseph Morra

In honor of CiCi Houston Sudholt

            Julie Schuster


In honor of Theresa and Peter Karutz

            Carole and Jim Myers


In honor of Barbara May

            Laura Fitzgerald

In honor of Valerie Miller

            Dolores Miller

In honor of Tiffany Mori

            John Bradbury

            Nancy Konieczny

In honor of Ruby and Eloise Morris

            Swedroe Family Charitable Foundation at Youthbridge Community Foundation

In honor of Marlene Napp

           Grace Clark

In honor of Phillury Platte

            Cynthia McDonnell

In honor of Elaine Rand

            Meg Foley and Richard Rand

In honor of Matthew Rusk

            Tracy Ragsdale

            Kathy Svensson Sykes

            Renee Templeraud

In honor of the beautiful dancers of Saint Louis Ballet 

            Kathy LaRocco and Marc Ellis

            Jacob Luna


In honor of the staff and dancers of Saint Louis Ballet

            Pamela Wollenberg

In honor of Roxy Shackelford

​            Mr. and Mrs. Tino Sheridan

In honor of Sean Sessions

            Kendra Biddick

            Laura Sessions

In honor of Tanya Strautmann Horiuchi

            Julie Abernathie

            John Bradbury

In honor of Judith Svalander

            Kate Bieschke

In honor of Koichiro Tago

            Miho and Koichiro Tago    

In honor of Sarah Ridley Trimble

           Selden Y. Trimble

In honor of Patricia and Dr. Leo Whiteside

            Marlene and James Clark

In honor of Lori Wilson

            Anthony Billings           

            Rebecca Cook

            Lori Cornett

            Michelle DeVillar

            Mary Fertitta

            Cathy Sharp

            Nancy Sharp

            Dr. Leo and Patricia Whiteside

In recognition of the new ballet, ESCAPADES

            Janet Houston

If you are interested in honoring or remembering a friend or family member with a tax-deductible gift to Saint Louis Ballet

please contact Ryan Mak at


Above: SLB Dancers in Christopher Wheeldon's "The American", photo by Kelly Pratt

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