Lyn Ragsdale

March 31, 1954–December 13, 2020

Lyn Ragsdale, Ph.D., the Radoslav A. Tsanoff Professor of Public Affairs and Political Science at Rice University, a dedicated scholar, educator, administrator, researcher, author, traveler and patron of the arts, died unexpectedly at her Houston home on Sunday,  December 13, 2020. A dynamic force, she lived an accomplished life and her hard work, intellect, generosity, caring nature, and wonderful sense of humor will be greatly missed.


Lyn was a beloved wife, mother and sister. In 1988, she married fellow political scientist, Jerrold “Jerry” Rusk and they had 32 wonderful years together sharing academic pursuits, music, sports, theatre and travel.  Together they raised their son, Saint Louis Ballet company member, Matthew Rusk.


Lyn loved the arts, especially ballet.  She passed her passion onto Matthew when at the age of 5 he attended his first ballet, The Nutcracker, and loved it.  From that moment on, ballet became Matthew's passion. Lyn and Matthew attended hundreds of ballets together throughout the world, providing Matthew with the opportunity to learn from the finest ballet dancers.


Lyn was overjoyed when Matthew became a professional ballet dancer.  She attended his every performance with Saint Louis Ballet, regularly traveling to St. Louis from Houston. Over the years, she became a great friend to the ballet company, supporting its professional and community-based programs with great enthusiasm.


Saint Louis Ballet extends our deepest sympathy to Matthew and to all of Lyn’s family and friends at this profoundly difficult time.  To read more about Lyn and her amazing life, click here.

To make a contribution to Saint Louis Ballet in Lyn’s memory, click here

Matthew Rusk performs Cavalier in "The Nutcracker". Photo by Kelly Pratt


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