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Dancers First

Campaign Donors through 10/17/20


This campaign launched on June 17, 2020 and will continue until December 1, 2020. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. Please let us know if you find any errors or omissions and an immediate correction will be made. Thank you, generous friends.

Anonymous (4)

Nora Akerberg

Stephanie Alioto

Christina Altholz

Jenny Anderson

Kris and Mark Arneson

Cherie and Jim Arnold

Emily Bardon

Jenny and Chris Bartlow

Ben Bartels

Margaret Berthoff-Fernandes

Laurie and Bruce Berwald

Valerie and Kevin Beyersdorfer

Anthony Billings

Maria and John Billings

Marilyn and Michael Bloodgood

Lindsey Boyle

Joan Briccetti & Kathy Greminger

Billy and Jaclyn Brizzard

Jason Brown

Wendy and Jason Brumitt

Jennifer and Jason Buchek

Amy and Aaron Burdine

Shaun Byrd

Megan and Frank Cannistraro

Mary Carpenter

Centene Charitable Foundation

Courtney Christensen

Reatha Christensen

Joseph Ciaravino

Marlene and James Clark

Carol and Thomas Clear

Don Conrad

Mandy and Sean Copenhaver

Maryanne Hertel and Kevin Counihan

Sarah Crawford

Jennifer and James Cunnane

Marco Custodio and Adam Schwarz

Jennifer and Steve Davis

DE Design Works

Lena and Brett DeGonia

Julie Tang and Mark Eggert

Jennifer Ehlen

Marc Ellis

Sondra and Dorsey Ellis

Karen Elshout

Donna and Gayle Engel

Cindy and Ted Fahs

Terry Fairchild

Jill and Joseph Falk

Ferguson Family Foundation

Gloria and Patrick Fearon

Margaret and Donald Franz

Rick Frazier

Roy and Carlene Fullerton

Dr. Arthur Gale

Trey Garland

Bonnie Gibbs

Margaret Gilleo and Charles Guenther

Sarah and David Glasser

Nancy and Alan Goldstein

Julie Goldstein

Susan and Marc Gordon

Sandy Grassi

Esley Hamilton

Melanie and Rod Harkey

Angelica Herbert

Cathie and Scott Hernandez

Nancy Herzog

Lindsey Hinderer

Kim Hollis

Kara Hoover

Janet and David Houston

Bill Howard

Morgan Howard

Edward Ibur

Damon Ijames

Jennifer and Ken Ikeda

Michael Isaacson and Joseph Ortmeyer

Dr. Andrea Itzkowitz

Lauren Jenkins

Susan Rutherford Joenk

Julie and Chad Johnson

Lisa and Chris Johnson

Michael Johnson

Samantha Johnson

Tyler Johnson

Suzanne and Tim Jones

Deborah Kaufman

Patricia Keating and James Hettenhaus

Victoria and Michael Kiefer

Debra Knox Deiermann

Kelly and Ian Kreidich

Robert and Deanna Leavitt

Lisa LeMasters

Lony Less

Sharon and Cliff Leve

Ted LeVine

Philana Liang

Christopher Limber

Celeste and Jim Litton

Elizabeth Lloyd

Kimberly and David Lloyd

Laurie and Sean Lock

Dr. Elaine Majerus

Kaitlyn Mann

Annette and Randall Markarian

Grace Markarian

Catherine Marquis-Homeyer

Jennifer and Greg Martin

Judy Maul

Lynn Maupin

Ashley McCormack

McGriff Insurance Services

Lisa McLellan

Jo Ann McNaughton-Kade

Richard L. Meives

Pauline Michels

Lucia Miller and David Hanlon

Dolores Miller

Valerie Miller

Judith Miniace

Renee and Michael Monsey

Russell Moon

Joseph Morra

David Morris and Joey Neal

Tiffany Morris

Avery Murray

Joan Nesbitt

Marjorie Newell

Sarah and Jeff Oberman

Karole and Fred Oelschlaeger

Sheila Oliveri

Nicole Paczkowski

Judie Hansen and Roy Parks

Christina and Richard Pettibone

Polly and Brent Phillips

Dorothy Powell

Sarah Procter

Lyn Ragsdale

Joan Revak

Andrea Richert

Cyd Riede

Cindy and Derek Rudman

Laura and Mike Ruest

Andree Sanders

Anjanette and Jay Schmelter

Terri Schnettgoecke

Raymonde and Steven Schopp

Shannon and Daniel Schlafly

Kristen and Brian Schultz

Charmaigne Scott

Marissa and Russ Scott

Brooke and Jon Sehy

Paul J. Shaver

Lynn Shirley

Susanne Sonke

Wynn and Mark Stolzer

Mary Strauss

Tanya Strautmann

Matthew Switzer

Karibeth Tamme

Mariko Tazoe

Odile and Fred Tompkins

Vivienne Topping

Martin Toyen

Tricia Uetrecht

Leslie Uljee

Heather Verble

Donna Vining

Christina Vogel

Carol and Thomas R. Voss

Dale Watkins

Ann and Woody Weigandt

Robert Wetzel

Patricia and Leo Whiteside

Ann Wilkerson

Ann and Gregory Willard

Kathie and Richard Winter

Pamela Wollenberg

Jennifer Wood


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