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Sean Sessions

Hometown: Columbia, MD
Joined the company: 2018


Suzanne Farrell Ballet

Pittsburgh Ballet Theater

Saint Louis Ballet Roles 

(listed by choreographer)


Gen Horiuchi: Coppélia (Franz’s Friend), The Nutcracker (Snow Cavalier, Spanish, Arabian), Romeo & Juliet (Paris), Jazz a la Francaise, More Morra, Contemporain, TOYA/GEN Vol. 1 Appassionata, Cinderella (Roma)
George Balanchine: Rubies
CiCi Houston: Absence
Kevin Jenkins: Moonlight and Sonatas

Emery LeCrone: Agile Episodes
Brian Enos: Alice in Wonderland (Caterpillar, Jack of Hearts)
Tom Gold: Oasis
Peter Martins: Ash, Hallelujah Junction
Kameron Saunders: The Obedient Ones

Christopher Wheeldon: The American
Michael Uthoff: La Plaza
Rebecca Cornett: Espouse

Choreographic Debut: Impressions

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