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Lush scenery, jubilant music, and comedic roles, Cinderella stands the test of time.


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Gen Horiuchi’s Cinderella is a beautiful re-telling of the classic story. Composed by Sergei Prokofiev, the ballet premiered in 1945 at the Bolshoi Theatre with choreography by Rostislav Zakharov.  Known for its lush scenery, jubilant music, and comedic roles, Cinderella stands the test of time. 


Saint Louis Ballet’s company dancers shine in the classical story ballets.  They trained in conservatories and ballet companies throughout the United States and beyond.  Gen Horiuchi, former New York City Ballet principal dancer, is artistic director.

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Classic 107.3 Interview:
Tom Sudholt with director Gen Horiuchi on "Cinderella:


View the digital program to view which SLB Dancers are dancing which roles and for which performances.


Act I  (55 minutes)

Cinderella is sweeping and scrubbing down the floor and daydreaming about how happy she was when her parents were alive. Her daydreams quickly fade when Cinderella’s mean stepmother and stepsisters demand that she continue to clean. Moments later Cinderella’s stepsisters are shouting with excitement. They received an invitation to the Prince’s Royal Ball. Suddenly a homeless beggar comes to the house. She asks Cinderella for some food, and when Cinderella is about to give her some bread, Cinderella’s stepsisters forbid her to do it. Cinderella decides to give the old woman her own food anyway. While Cinderella returns to her chores, Cinderella’s stepsisters have been given gowns and accessories to try on and they receive dance lessons for the ball. Finally, the stepsisters leave for the ball. Cinderella is left alone, but her mice friends appear.  As the mice cheer up Cinderella, the old woman suddenly appears again. She magically transforms into Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.  The four season fairies join and offer to guide her to the castle.  The Fairy Godmother uses her magic and turns Cinderella’s rag gown into a beautiful ball gown, a pumpkin into a royal carriage, and finally, she transforms the mice into beautiful companions to escort Cinderella to the Ball. She tells Cinderella to go to the ball but warns her to be back before the clock strikes midnight or her gown will turn into rags and all the magic will end.

At the Prince’s Royal Ball, Cinderella’s stepsisters arrive late. While the stepsisters try to get the Prince’s attention, Cinderella steps foot into the Ball Room. The Prince finds himself captivated by her beauty and barely gives the stepsisters the attention they want. Nobody knows who the mysterious girl is, not even Cinderella’s stepsisters. Cinderella and the Prince dance the night away, causing Cinderella to forget about her midnight deadline. As the clock starts to chime, she realizes she must go before her clothes turn to rags. She quickly leaves without explanation and in her hurry, leaves a slipper behind on the stairs. The Prince chases after her, but only finds a single slipper.


~  20 minute intermission  ~

Act II (30 minutes)
The next day, the Prince, who can't stop thinking about Cinderella, orders a kingdom-wide search to find her. He travels through the kingdom and has each young lady try on the slipper to see if it is the perfect fit.  If the slipper fits, it must be the mysterious girl he danced with the night before. After much searching, the Prince gives up and decides to return to the Castle. His friend, the Jester, is left alone and the Fairy Godmother appears in front of the Jester.  She guides the Jester to the House where Cinderella lives.  Back in the house, as Cinderella begins cleaning the room, she recalls her dance with the Prince and cherishes the other slipper she wore at the Ball, remembering her beautiful night.  The stepsisters and her stepmother enter the room and talk about how wonderful the Ball was the night before.  
Suddenly the royal courtiers arrive at Cinderella’s house with the Prince. The Prince asks the stepmother if her daughters can try on the slipper to see if it is a match.  The stepsisters try on the slipper, but it does not fit. During that time, Cinderella tries to assist her stepsisters but her other slipper hidden in her pocket falls to the floor.  The Prince finds the slipper and asks if this belongs to Cinderella.  She admits the slipper is hers. The search is over!  The Prince proposes to Cinderella and takes her to his Castle. A royal wedding takes place at the palace and Cinderella and the Prince live happily ever after.



When attending performances of "Cinderella" at the Touhill Performing Arts Center, mask wearing will be strongly encouraged especially for our unvaccinated guests.  Although recommended, masks will be optional.

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