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Principal Character Artist
$500 - $999

Laura and Hadi Al-Shathir
Steven Alagna
Frank Bruce Alioto
Bespoke Apparel, LLC
Dr. Harvey and Gina Breckner
Tim and Ali Breitbach
Thomas Burke
Courtney Christensen
Marlene and James Clark
Robin and Michael Connelly
Mandy and Sean Copenhaver
Gloria and Patrick Fearon
Laura Frank
Richard Fugett
Leigh Ellen and Raymond Griffiths
Dave and Veronica Grimes
Christine and Ross Jenkins
Roger Johnson
Vicki Kiefer
Ted LeVine
Patrick and Becky Lynn
Jennifer and Greg Martin
Judy Maul
Stacy McRae
Elaine Murphy
Julie Notario
Mary and Eric Paine
Jeffrey Papajcik
Deborah Johnson-Province and Michael Province
Mr. Joseph Pruski
Meg Foley and Richard Rand
Victoria and Travis Ross
Heather and Mark Rynasiewicz
Alan and Laura Schoenike
Robert Schwarze
Brooke and Jon Sehy
Laura Sessions
Lori Shambro and Paul Louis
Barbara and Amos Shamir
Gary and Shana Singer
Smart Flyer Travel
Dr. Selden Trimble
Mei Chen Welland
Sarah Whitmore
Drs. Paul and Shvetha Zarek

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