$275 - $499

Julie and Dale Abernathie
Sonny Ahad
Steven Alagna
Allstate Insurance Matching Program
Keith Anderson
Stacey Annen
Susan Aselage
Elizabeth Barnard
Lee Beasley
Dawn Berger
Marilyn and Michael Bloodgood
Mandy Bodily-Bartum
Jaclyn and Bill Brizzard
Lauren Brooks and Austin Gentry
Thomas Burke
Dorene Cipriano
Lauren and Joseph Conley
Mandy and Sean Copenhaver
Kelly Duhigg
Kathy LaRocco and Marc Ellis
Sondra and Dorsey Ellis
Tracy Elzemeyer
Jill and Joseph Falk
Dr. Arthur Gale
Eugenia Georges
Kim and Steve Hackman
John Hayes
Erin Hendon
Angelica Herbert
Susan and Peter Herchenroether
Vivian Ho and Richard Boylan
Catherine Hooper
Toshiko and Shinichiro Imai
Patricia Keating and James Hettenhaus
Nancy and Kenneth Kranzberg
Thel Lemons
Clarence Lewis
Barbara and Michael Lock
Matthew Logan
Emma Lozowski
Laura and Philip Luecking
Mary Manzella
Stacey Maxwell
Dolores Miller
Lucia Miller and David Hanlon
Valerie Miller
Renee and Michael Monsey
Rebecca Moser
Christie Pickrell
PNC Foundation - Matching Funds
Nikki Porter
Betty Schmelzer
Suzy Seldin
Laura Sessions
Joan and Paul Shaver
Alicia and John Sheehan
Bruce Sheridan
Karen Spector
Dr. Katherine Stenson
Brenda and Greg Teakert
Dr. Mai Vo and Dr. Giao Vuong