Rebecca Cornett

Hometown: Simsbury, CT
Joined the company: 2014

Before being hired trained at: Fort Lauderdale Ballet Classique with Magda Aunon, Hartt School with Miguel Campaneria, Boston Ballet School, Pacific Northwest Ballet School

Ballets/featured roles since joining:

Gen Horiuchi: 

Cinderella (Cinderella), Coppélia  (Dawn, Swanhilda’s Friend), Don Quixote (Amour and Lead Flower), The Nutcracker (Sugar Plum Fairy, Lead Spanish, Snow Queen, Columbine, Soldier Doll, Chinese, Lead Flute), Romeo & Juliet (Juliet),The Sleeping Beauty (Coulante, Princess Florine), Swan Lake (Italian), Haydyn Cello Concerto, Jazz a la Francaise, La Reve, Passage (principal), More Morra, Classique, Balanchivadze
Gerald Arpino: Reflections
George Balanchine: Rubies, Serenade, Western Symphony, Who Cares? (principal), Concerto Barocco, Valse Fantaisie (Principal)
Brian Enos: Alice in Wonderland (Alice)

Gregory Dolbashian: Put it Into Words
Tom Gold: Oasis
Kevin Jenkins: Moonlight and Sonatas

Emery LeCrone: Agile Episodes
Miriam Mahdaviani: Between the Lines, Mispacha
Monique Meunier: Baile Latino!
Francis Patrelle: Rhapsody in Blue

Twyla Tharp: Nine Sinatra Songs
Peter Martins: Ash

Christopher Wheeldon: The American
Michael Uthoff: La Fontana, La Plaza, Reflections on the Water
Sean Sessions: Impressions

Choreoraphic Debut: Espouse