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November 28, 2023


Your Gifts Make An Impact!


And this season you'll see what past donations have helped us achieve!


Beautiful costumes play an essential role in a ballet's production on stage and we are very excited to unveil new Snow Corps de Ballet costumes in this year's production of The Nutcracker.


Saint Louis Ballet's old Snow Corps de Ballet tutus have been used for over 20 years in Saint Louis Ballet's Nutcracker production, but came to the company initially used as a purchase from another ballet company, making these tutus over 30 years old! Stage lighting and sets help these costumes look magical on stage, but up close you'll see the wear and tear they've had below


Continue your impact with a gift today for #GivingTuesday and help us achieve more beautiful costuming in the future!

Old Corps de Ballet Snow Costumes:

Your Gift will be Matched!



We are humbled and honored to announce that a generous donor has agreed to match each and every gift up to $10,000.

Now is your chance to double your support for future costume needs, tickets for Title 1 Schools and so much more!


Thank you to our donors!

The New Snow Tutus

Here's an opportunity to get your name stitched into a new Snow Tutu!

Wardrobe is finishing production now for 20 new Snow Corps de Ballet Tutus!

Any size contribution for #GivingTuesday is appreciated, but this year if you give $500 your name can be stitched inside one of the new tutus!


The Facts:

  • Cost of Materials. $2000 

  • Creation time of 300 hours (15 hours per costume)

  • 144 (a great gross) rhinestones on each bodice

  • A Romantic tutu of this type is worth prices starting at $1500

  • 20 skirts and 25 bodices were made so that each dancer can now have her own costume fit to her personally.  The old costumes were often shared by 2-3 dancers over each season's run.  The previous costumes were requiring almost daily mending during the 2022 season. 

  • Designer Susan Erhart takes into account the sets, colors, lighting, texture when creating these tutues and adds texture and depth to create a frosty look vs a solid white you might see in Giselle


"I am particularly proud of this set.  They are turning out just as I dreamed they would."

- Susan Erhart, SLB Costume Designer,

Get your name STITCHED IN A NEW TUTU for gifts of at least $500!




Tickets for Title 1 Schools


Gifts like those from Giving Tuesday help Saint Louis Ballet provide free tickets to Title 1 schools through the Pointe to Succeed Program so all students can experience the world of ballet and performing arts in a live theater.

This year we have over 500 students coming from 6 schools! This is 3 times more schools than in years past! 

Sponsor a future ticket, classroom, or school for #GivingTuesday!

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