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May 1, 2020 - June 25, 2021

Saint Louis Ballet is indebted to the following companies, agencies, foundations and individuals who so generously support our mission to bring the passion and beauty of ballet to the St. Louis metropolitan region.  Thank you for supporting and sustaining your ballet company during this challenging time.

Please let us know if you find an error or omission and a correction will be made. Thank you!


Director’s Circle

$25,000 +

Centene Charitable Foundation

Regional Arts Commission

The Shubert Foundation


Dr. Selden Trimble

In Memory of Sarah Brent Ridley Trimble, who loved ballet


Carol and Thomas R. Voss

Choreographer's Circle

$10,000 – $24,999

Ameren Missouri

Anonymous (3)

Kelly and John Connole

Julie Tang and Mark Eggert


Dr. Elaine Majerus

Missouri Arts Council

National Endowment for the Arts

Jerrold Rusk

Amy and Jim Schwetz

Mary Strauss

The Jerome Robbins Foundation

Patricia and Dr. Leo Whiteside


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Répétiteur’s Circle

$5,000 - $9,999

Michelle and Dr. Michael Curtis

Michael and JiaMin Dierberg

Janice and Tony Gunst

Heartland Coca-Cola

Kaitlyn Mann

Pamela Wollenberg

Ballet Master

$2,500 - $4,999

Christina Altholz

Bruce Arnold

Susan Bindler

Wendy and Dr. Jason Brumitt

Kathleen Clavenna

Marco Custodio

Ferguson Family Foundation

Marjorie and Bernard Feldman

Margaret and Donald Franz

Sarah and David Glasser

Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C.

Cathie and Scott Hernandez

Linda and Jesse Hunter

Laurie and Sean Lock


David Morris and Joey Neal

Sarah and Jeff Oberman

The Phillips Family

Lyn Ragsdale* and Jerrold Rusk

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$1,000 - $2,499

Advantage Capital

Bhavani Amirthalingam and Karthik Muthusamy

Arts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis

Jenny and Chris Bartlow

Marsha and Mike Benney

Maria and John Billings


Megan and Frank Cannistraro

Marlene and James Clark

Robin and Michael Connelly

Maryanne Hertel and Kevin Counihan

Natalie Dixon

Rick Frazier

Dr. Sophia Ford Glanton and Dr. Luvell Glanton

Leigh Ellen and Raymond Griffiths

Haar & Woods, LLP

Gretchen Harrison

Ruth and Jerold Howsden

Michael Isaacson and Joseph Ortmeyer

Dr. Andrea Itzkowitz

Roger Johnson

Lindsey and David Jones

Theresa and Peter Karutz

Victoria and Michael Kiefer

Sharon and Cliff Leve

Stacy Lin and Roger Lund

Kimberly and David Lloyd

Annette and Dr. Randall Markarian

McGriff Insurance Services

Brooke and Dr. Brian Meek

Judith Meyer

Jennifer and Matt Morris

Stephanie and Anthony Randall

Shannon and Daniel Schlafly

Anjanette and Jay Schmelter

Christie and Allen Shackelford

Renee Templeraud

Vivienne Topping

Dr. Mimi Vo and Mr. Nghia Cao

Ann and Gregory Willard

Kathie and Richard Winter

Jennifer Wood


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Principal Character Artist

$500 - $999

Julie and Dale Abernathie

Steven Alagna

Teresa Andreone and Jon Deuchler

Jessica Angelette

Kris and Mark Arneson

Athletico Physical Therapy/Athletico Cares Foundation

John Bradbury

Shaun Byrd

Courtney Christensen

Marlene and James Clark

Jeffrey Compton

Don Conrad

Lori and Ken Cornett

Ann and Stephen Cortinovis

Bret Crowell

Jennifer and Steve Davis

Catherine and Tad Edwards

Kathy LaRocco and Marc Ellis

Tracy Elzemeyer

Lisa and Robert Forsyth

Laura and Don Frank

Harry Frank

Richard Fugett

Suzanne and Tim Jones

Kendra Scott LLC

Teresa LaRocco and Lyle Krehbiel

Shannon Lay

Drs. Susan and Dan Luedke

Jennifer and Greg Martin

Stacy McRae

Andrea and Robert Merritt

Joseph Morra

Rachel Presti and Jeremy Williams

Tracy Ragsdale

Andrea Richert

Betty Schmelzer

Laura Sessions

Barbara and Amos Shamir

Dr. Suzanne Shelton and Dr. Edward Shelton

Aimee Snavely

Vanessa Somerville

Wynn and Mark Stolzer

Kathy Svensson Sykes and Stephen Vetzner

Bonnie and Alan Templeton

The Milford and Lee Bohm Charitable Foundation

Chris Yard


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$275 - $499

Allstate Insurance Matching Program

Keith Anderson

Susan Aselage

Elizabeth Barnard

Lee Beasley

Dawn Berger

Marilyn and Michael Bloodgood

Mandy Bodily-Bartum

Jaclyn and Bill Brizzard

Lauren Brooks and Austin Gentry

Kristy and Tim Carney

Joseph Ciaravino

Dorene Cipriano

Lauren and Joseph Conley

Mandy and Sean Copenhaver

James Daily

Sondra and Dorsey Ellis

Jill and Joseph Falk

Dr. Arthur Gale

Susan Gelman and Andy Schaul

Eugenia Georges

Kim and Steve Hackman

Esley Hamilton

Susanne Harrison

John Hayes

Erin Hendon

Angelica Herbert

Susan and Peter Herchenroether

Wendy Herchenroether

Vivian Ho and Richard Boylan

Morgan Howard

Patricia Keating and James Hettenhaus

Jean Kot

Nancy and Ken Kranzberg

Thel Lemons

Ted LeVine

Philana Liang

Barbara and Michael Lock

Matthew Logan

Emma Lozowski

Laura and Philip Luecking

Moraith MacRae

Barbara and Richard Mahoney

Mary Manzella

Sarah and Craig Masterson

Judy Maul

Stacey Maxwell

Earl Mayfield

Cynthia McDonnell

Jo Ann McNaughton-Kade

Lucia Miller and David Hanlon

Valerie Miller

Renee and Michael Monsey

Tiffany Morris

Rebecca Moser

Christie Pickrell

PNC Foundation - Matching Funds

Nikki Porter

Erin and Alexander Rachmiel

Meg Foley and Richard Rand

Katie and Joseph Rolwes

Jessica and Leonard O. Rosik

Brooke and Jon Sehy

Suzy Seldin

Joan and Paul Shaver

Alicia and John Sheehan

Bruce Sheridan

Karen Spector

Dr. Katherine Stenson

Brenda and Greg Teakert

UBS Cybergrants

Leslie Uljee

Dr. Mai Vo and Dr. Giao Vuong

Robert Wetzel

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Corps de Ballet

$125 - $274

Kathy and Vince Alagna

Nell Allen

Karen Allgeier

Sonja and Jack Anderson

Stacey Annen

Anonymous (2

Bruce Arnold

Elizabeth and Mark Bates


Allison Benney

Valerie and Kevin Beyersdorfer

Anthony Billings

Michael Bobroff

Alexander Borodko

Lyn and Dr. Robert Bortnick

Joy and Noel J. Bortle

Dianna and Ernest Brewer

Joan Briccetti and Kathy Greminger

Christine Brinley

Thomas Browdy

Thomas Burke

Sharon Burman

Julie Byrnes

Julie and David Catron

Rachel and Shawn Cefalu

Reatha Christensen

Jenn Christofferson

Todd Ciche

Sarah Coble

Janet Crews

Yolanda Perez Cunningham

Sara and Brian Davis

Michelle De Villar

Ben Dickerhoff

Kirsten Dietrich

Tonya Doublin

Kelly Duhigg

Bradley Dunn

Jennifer Ehlen

David Engle

Gloria and Patrick Fearon

David Fitzgerald

Jane Flynn

Anita Fuller

Carlene and Roy Fullerton

Kelly Garton

Richard Gnecco

Michelle Goetz

Marlana Goldsmith

Nancy and Alan Goldstein

Jill Graftenreed

Jessica Harris

Michael Harrison

Stanley Harrison

Erik Hoffman

Catherine Hooper

Janet and David Houston

Virginia and John Howell

Toshiko and Shinichiro Imai

Laura Jackson

Tiffany and Steven Jarvis

Christine and Ross Jenkins

Sarah Jennings and Robert Underwood

Scott Jochim

Tyler Johnson

Amie Kars

Elaine Kiel

Christine and Al Klein

Judith Koehler

Nancy Konieczny

Courtney Kovachevich

Melissa Kovacs

Kelly and Ian Kreidich

Milton and Judith Krieger

Margaret Lampe

Kelly Layton

Lisa LeMasters

Mrs. Nathalie LeVine*

Clarence Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Ross and Kim Livengood

Amy Maclin

Cathie and Ryan Maddy

Matthew Magoc

Grace Markarian

Kathleen Matthews

Sabrina McNamee

Grace Menzel

Dolores Miller

Ruth and Lawrence Miller

Betty Moll

Russell Moon

Emily Muir

Toni Murphy

Dustin Nadler

Michael Nolan

Kevin Parviz

Erin Patton

Barbara Peat

Kimberly Perry

Jemima Phillips

Patti Pokorney

PW Power System

Sarah and Joseph Rector

Joan Revak

LaVerne Riebold

Stephanie Riven and Roger Goldman

Joe Robertson

Marilyn Robinson

Isabel Rodarte

Ken Ross

Mindy Rouff

Julie and Don Rowe

Tara and Steve Schultz

Shane Seely

Glenda and Jim Seldin

Ross Sherman

Robyn Samuels and Bruce Shragg

Elizabeth Simms

Melissa Smith-Groff and Brady Groff

Jaime Sprowls

Molly Stehn

Catherine and Ken Stuckenschneider

Alison Suhre

Miho and Koichiro Tago

The Alpern Foundation

Martin Toyen

Roberta Vassallo

Pamela Waggoner

Diana Waldman

Ann and Woody Weigandt

Mei Chen Welland

Sherry and Tim Wichmer

Meghan Wieten-Scott

Nicole Willman

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$75 - $124

Angela Adams

Laura Krebs Al-Shathir and Hadi Al-Shathir

Stephanie Alioto

Sharian Bakker

Lisa Graivier Barnes and Carl Barnes

Ben Bartels

Rebekah Beam

Laurie and Bruce Berwald

Marsha Birenbaum

Donna Brodsky

Jason Brown

Kenneth Budt

Mary Carpenter

Debra Causa

Kathryn Cervenka

Maggie Chi

Carol and Thomas Clear

Carolyn Coleman

Carolyn Cornett

Marielle Counts

Marlene DenHouter

Robyn Doersch

Jeanne Doornbos and Michael Maher

Molly Edwards

Donna and Gayle Engel

Terry Fairchild

Songying Fang

Jill Feldman

Andrea Ferguson

Mary and Lucas Fertitta

Megan Foeller

Shari Ford

Leslie Foss

Janie and Zach Foster

Elizabeth Foushee

David Ganz

Melissa Gerstein

Marilyn Getzov

Bonnie Gibbs

Suzanne Glatz

Julie Goldstein

Susan and Marc Gordon

Sandy Grassi

Mary and Allen Greenwalt

Jennifer and Christopher Gushleff

Christy Hager

Allegra Hernandez

Nancy Herzog

Lisa Hills

Parris Hobbs

Keri and Brian Hoffmann

Cathy Hooper

Bill Howard

Damon Coy IJames

Susan Rutherford Joenk

Michael Johnson

Samantha Johnson

Diane Kaiser

Deborah Kaufman

Martha and Rick Kaufmann

Elaine Kavanaugh

Kimberly Kerper

Suzanne Kiel

Rachel Kimbro

Carol and Ward Klei

Julie Kueker

Gina Lauver Brunner

Robert Lay

Giovanna Lear

Deanna and Robert Leavitt

Alice Leich

Sarah Macdonald

Robin Mallery

Gabrielle Markarian

Mastercard Impact Fund

Joanne McAndrews

Susan McIntosh

Steve Meissel

Richard L. Meives

Judith Miniace

Marie Lynn Miranda

Shannon and Steven Mitchell

Peggy and Ed Morris

Sandra Morton

Kelly and Nathan Newell

Karol and Fred Oelschlaeger

Mary and George Oelschlaeger

Jen Pagano

Beth and Todd Painter

Susan Perez

Elizabeth and Brian Perkins

Dorothy Powell

Dr. Abhay Laddu and Dr. Rekha Ramanuja

Kris Ramesh

Laurie Rau

Annemarie Rom-Weisenbach

Brandon Rottinghaus

Laura and Michael Ruest

Ann Marie Ruhlin

Elizabeth Russell

Heather and Mark Rynasiewicz

Andree Sanders

Kamber Schneider

Raymonde and Steven Schopp

Elizabeth Schulman

Kirsten and Brian Schultz

Sandra Shachar

Elaine Sheehan

Sue Shellabarger

Clyde Simpson

Susanne Sonke

Richard Stoll

Derick Stowe

Tanya Strautmann

Rachel Taxman

Mariko Tazoe


Wendy Thomas

Odile and Fred Tompkins

Jackie Torno

Debbie and Mike Tyndall

Tricia Uetrecht

Jane and Al Van Amburg

Tracy Vawter

Donna Vining

Merridith von Hartitzsch

Terry Walther

Lois Joy Ward

Julie Waterbury

Dale Watkins

Patricia Weisensee

Wells Fargo Foundation

Ann Wilkerson

Elbert Williams

Vanessa Woods

Hiromichi Yamaguchi

Fran Zamler

Judi Zimmerman

George Zodrow

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$10 - $74

*Of blessed memory


Gifts In Kind

Kira Anderson

Lauren Brooks

Catherine Bundschuh

Cookies and Confections by Jen
Krista Flowers Luebrecht

Susan Gelman
Sarah and David Glasser

Miran Halen
Cathie and Scott Hernandez

Theresa and Peter Karutz

Martha Kaufmann

Sharon Leve

Judy Leise

Kimberly Lloyd

Laurie Lock
Jennifer Martin

Brook and Dr. Brian Meek

Jeff Oberman

Tonya Page

Mary and Eric Paine
Sage Marketing LLC

Tara Schultz
Patricia and Dr. Leo Whiteside


Matching Gifts

We are grateful to the following companies for matching their employees' contributions to Saint Louis Ballet:  


Allstate Insurance

American Water



Caterpillar Foundation

Century Link

Equifax, Inc



PNC Foundation

PW Power Systems


UBS Cybergrants


Double the impact of your gift! Check with your employer to see if they offer a matching program.


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